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aren't we supposed to be enemies?

yes, but shipping is the rule of law

dark ace x piper
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good girl/bad guy never looked this alluring
"If people start to ship us, I think I'm gonna cry."
"Too late, Piper. I think they already have."

Hello and welcome to ace_piper. This is a place where fans can share their intrigue of this most scandalous pairing. Please feel free to post fanart, fanfiction, icons, as well as discuss the odd pairing that is DA/Piper.

Dark Ace is the chosen champion of Master Cyclonis, ruler of Terra Cyclonia, and a top-ranking commander of the Talons, an elite group of fighters in the military. Infamous for single-handedly taking down the most number of Sky Knights in all of Atmos, his aerial dogfighting skills have yet to be matched.

That is, until the Storm Hawks came along.

THE GOOD GIRL: The sole female of the Storm Hawks, Piper is the First Officer, navigator, and leading crystal expert of her squadron. 'Academic' only begins to describe her multiple talents such as her love for crystals and coming up with the Most! Perfect! Plan! Ever!

Oh yes, it's scandalous. We know that. Granted Dark Ace is at least ten years her senior and a baddie, any kindling sparks that might go off between them is bound to end up with a dinner show of extreme fireworks.

But you have to admit, sometimes crack pairings are much more fun.


All posts must be related to either Dark Ace, Piper, or both
Keep large images and posts under lj-cuts. Not sure how to make one? Go to the FAQ
Please label all NSFW and NC-17 material appropriately, and place them under cuts
If you want to talk about the show in general, storm_hawks is more suited to your tastes :)

Due to the controversial nature of this ship, please tread carefully when posting. We don't want parents walking onto their kid's internet time and starting asking awkward questions. ^_^'

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